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What is Wood Veneer?

Wood veneers are natural veneers that are obtained in certain thicknesses as a result of a certain treatment with special machines from wood surfaces.This type of coating is glued on 6 mm MDF with special process and the surface used in wooden coated doors is created.

What are The Technical Features of Wood Veneer?

The thickness of the wooden veneer door wing is 42 mm, the thickness of the MDF panel is 6 mm, the thickness of the serie used is 30 mm. Edge serens are obtained from solid spruce or fir tree resistant between 10% – 14% moisture.In this frame, reinforced with lock and hinge zones, honeycomb filling made of Kraft paper with perforated air is placed.No paint is required on wooden veneered door surfaces. In wood veneer door models, only polish is applied. Wooden veneer door leaf is prepared in desired dimensions. Besides, it can be produced in desired dimensions as room and WC door. It is also possible to produce as a double wing in the desired width.

How is The Wood Veneer Door With Production Process?

Wooden veneer door is produced from three main materials. Seren is a 30 × 50 mm size, attached to the neck, consisting of a solid tree surrounding the four sides of the door, combined with a finger joint system and glue. The inner filling is a paper honeycomb that is applied to the body of the door for support and increases the resistance of the door, making it light. Wood surface, 6 mm thick, desired wooden door pattern and color of MDF panel is glued to the wood coating. Sizing is done before the edge band. Lock and door handle locations are opened. Polish is applied to the surface in wooden veneer doors. Wood coating door production, frame ramming using serens, honeycomb filling and pressing of wooden door surface by gluing, sizing, sideband application, opening of lock and door handle places, dust and waste removal, packaging is carried out as.

What are The Advantages of Veneer Door?

Veneer doors are more economical in terms of price than other solid door models. Since it is a natural wood coating, its appearance is not different from the wooden door. Since the surface of the door is natural wood, it gives the feeling of a real tree. It has a stylish look. It is hygienic, easy to maintain and install. It is resistant to sun rays, scratches and impacts. It is long lasting. Wood veneer alternatives offer a wide range of options. Wooden doors are suitable for use in all areas of the interior.

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