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What is Lake?

Lacquer is a very bright furniture polish. It is a chemical material.It can be colored or colorless. The Chinese used the lacquer first. It started to be used in Europe in 1600s. The smooth appearance of the lacquer application turns wood into gorgeous furniture.

What are The Technical Features of the Tacquer Surface?

The thickness of the lacquered door leaf prepared using a 6 mm thick MDF panel and a 30 mm thick boom is 42 mm (6 mm + 30 mm + 6 mm = 42 mm).Edge serens are obtained from solid spruce or fir tree resistant between 10% – 14% moisture. In this frame, reinforced with lock and hinge zones, a honeycomb filling made of Kraft paper with air holes is placed.Lacquer door leaf is prepared in 90 × 209 cm dimensions. However, lacquered doors can be produced in desired sizes as room and WC doors. According to the model and pattern alternatives, it is possible to produce as frame width, lattice glass, single wing or double wing in the desired width. Priming and painting are at the base of the lacquer door. The most important steps in lacquered door production are priming and sanding.

How is the Lacquer Door Production Process?

Lacquered painted door consists of three main production materials. Seren is the part of the massive tree surrounding the four sides of the door, 30 × 50 mm in size, attached to the neck, combined with a finger joint system and glue.Filling honeycomb is a material made of Kraft paper that is applied to the body of the door for support and increases the resistance of the door, making it lightweight at the same time. The lacquered door surface can be a 6mm thick raw MDF flat panel or a patterned CNC worktop panel.

What are the Advantages of the Lacquer Door?

Lacquered doors are more economical and stylish than furniture-looking door models. Lacquered doors are very healthy as they do not interact with the air.It is hygienic, easy to install and maintain. Lacquered door models are resistant to sun rays, scratches and impacts. It is long lasting. It can be applied in white or other colors. It is suitable for use in all areas as an indoor door.

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