“ About Us ”

Our founder of the company AYHAN YEŞİL has been serving in the forest products sector since 2018, with Ozan YEŞİL executed structural cahnges, Ayhan Yeşil Orman Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi in Kocaeli / Gebze / Beylikbağı factory, has 22.000 m2 open and 9.000 closed production area, 82 people, 12 of which are white collar and 70 of them are blue collar. With its experienced and experienced employees, it provides services to the 41 provinces and 24 countries in the forest products sector.

“ Vision ”

To create vendor dealers in Turkey and worldwide depending on manufacturer dealers and to reach all consumers in the national market with this system in the sector.To be a company representing our country with success all over the world.

“ Mission ”

By providing the right quality/price ratio, it meets consumer expectations at the highest level with its wide range of products, creates differences,combines the most advanced technology and expert staff with a CE, TSE the sector. as the sector is leading and giving direction.

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